Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear All,

Welcome to Gasha, the official newsletter of Madiba Children’s Outreach. Here, you will find not only news and updates regarding the organization, but also backgrounds on our sponsored students, articles regarding the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and around the world, and other information that we feel a well-informed philanthropist should know.

When choosing the name of this newsletter, MCO President Bryan Dyer and I, immediately and independently of each other, thought of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the name of Nelson Mandela’s organization working against apartheid. And so, for a time, this newsletter was tentatively referred to as Umkhonto. Later on, we remembered that while spears are symbols of strength in the South African region, the symbol of strength in Ethiopia is a shield. And so, with the guidance of Bryan’s wife, Tigist, we decided on the name Gasha, from the Amharic word for “shield.”

With further consideration, I find the name much more apt, for if there is one thing a charity is to do, it is to protect those that lack the resources to protect themselves. At both MCO and Gasha, we have many goals, but the unspoken one that I find is most important is this: “To protect.”

At Gasha, we understand that if you’re receiving this newsletter, you’ve already given to MCO or you’re a supporter of MCO. Either way, we don’t need to tell you that children in Ethiopia need help or ask you for any more than what you’ve already given. Instead, our goal is to first and foremost, keep you abreast of the activities MCO is involved in and the progress we’re making. Sponsors and supporters like you are, after all, the reason MCO can even exist. We do not take your assistance lightly and so, we have a responsibility to keep you knowledgeable regarding MCO’s affairs. We also hope, with the use of our articles, to help everyone become an active member in this community, a more informed, more powerful donor, and a more conscious citizen of the world.

And so, with the utmost gratitude, welcome to MCO and welcome to Gasha. We hope to make you proud.

Kevin Warzala
July, 2012


  1. Kus be kus, inkulal begur yihedal. Amharic proverb meaning, "slowly, and egg will learn to walk".

  2. good job Kevin, together we can make a difference. keep the good work going.