Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What We're Working On

Kevin Warzala

Currently, we’re undergoing a large amount of restructuring within our organization, to maximize our efficiency and to best provide for our students. We’ve created three new departments – Projects, Sponsorship, and Awareness – to prevent any overlap between our members and to best utilize our skills. The Sponsorship Department is of course our flagship sponsorship program, presently headed by Beruk Amare. Our sponsorship program in Ethiopia will continue providing service and care to our students, with a few small differences. The largest of which is that our monthly sponsorship costs will increase from $40 to $50, a change that reflects providing new services for our students, which we consider essential. Not the least of which will be a dedicated social worker constantly checking in with the students, tracking their academic progress, and handling any problems at home and in school as they appear. We will also begin providing after-school lessons in the subjects of computers and technology, and English. Again, we feel that both of these things are essential for our students’ success, requiring the need for a modest price increase.
Second is our Projects Department, currently headed by our president Bryan Dyer. Projects will be in charge of our community development, research, and applying for and receiving grants. At this time, our Projects Department is only working on receiving grant money for our organization. However, once that task is completed, we have several new project ideas that we’re excited to work on.

Last is our Awareness Department, headed by yours truly. The Awareness Department will be handling all information within MCO and without. We’ll also be in charge of fundraiser events, managing our social networking sites (you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter, right?) and, of course, this newsletter. Facebook and Twitter will be constantly updating from now on, and Gasha will be now sent out once a month instead of once every three months. The newsletter will be getting a few new tweaks as well, including profiles on our students without sponsors and our newest sponsors, and a new section reviewing books we feel our members should be reading.

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