Sunday, October 7, 2012

What We've Accomplished - Fall 2012

Every one of our sponsored children has moved onto the next grade level! This is an amazing accomplishment as there have always been so many factors making it difficult to accomplish this. In spite of the great success of our kids this year, it has not been without the usual challenges. Two of our sponsored children experienced the death of a close family member and extensive time away from school attending the funeral ceremonies. One of them experienced health problems related to the human immunodeficiency virus he contracted from birth. Another of our students made the long trek back to Tigre region to see his parents for the first time in years. There are too many stories of challenges these incredible kids have overcome in their educational journeys. All of them have bravely faced and overcome obstacles this year, but these kids are not strangers to adversity.

In the past, we have seen our hardworking young scholars fall short of their goals. In fact most of our kids,before finding support through generous MCO sponsors, have failed to pass on to the next grade at least once in their academic careers. A lack of school supplies, transportation, hunger, shelter, supervision, money for school fees, mentorship, medical support, and so many other challenges are behind them. Their sponsors, through MCO, have transformed their lives and given them a chance to succeed. Now they are running with it! Dawit passed from KG to grade 1! Alena and Ebtisam passed from grade 1 to grade 2! Sabrina graduated from grade 2 to grade 3! Dereje has moved on from grade 8 to grade 9! Betselot and Alem have graduated from grade 9 to grade 10!

To say that we are “proud” is an understatement. We are so encouraged to see these young scholars fight onto their destinies -- to their rightful places as productive, successful and innovative contributors to their communities. We want to congratulate these wonderful kids and their families, and give them all of the credit for their amazing accomplishments. We are so proud of them all! We are energized by their success, and as determined as ever to continue our mission to help these kids, and the others, who so desperately crave a little help in their struggle to overcome the barriers to their education, their futures, a better life, and a more empowered community.

Bryan Dyer

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